27 Thoughts You Have When Your Dog’s Photo Goes Viral


  1. Ah!! Pais made it to the Most Viral page on Imgur!
  2. Omg now this big Instagram account posted the pic!
  3. WOAH that account has over 500 THOUSAND followers.
  4. Wait…he didn’t tag Paisley’s account.
  5. Ugh! I want credit.
  6. I need to get this guy’s attention and make him give me photo cred.
  7. Friends, help! Let’s flood him with comments.
  8. I should DM him…he might be more likely to see that.
  9. Sent.
  10. Oh! He got back to me already.  He’s going to edit it and tag Paisley’s account 🙂
  11. Look at all the new followers I’m getting!!
  12. This is awesome.
  13. Omg two other accounts reposted!
  14. Did they tag @paisleythepuppy?
  15. They did. Phew. This other guy that used it on Imgur did not credit though…
  16. But…look at all the new followers I’m getting!!
  17. The photo is on this site iwastesomuchtime.com too! Did they give me credit?  No – better email them…(5 minutes later) they fixed it, yay!
  18. Does this make Paisley…a meme?
  19. HEY whoever posted the pic on Reddit gave no source credit.
  20. You’re on my shit list, Reddit person.
  21. But it’s cool that the pic got to the front page!
  22. The Internet is WILD!
  23. Is there a way for me to make some $$$ off of this?!
  24. OK another meme account posted the pic.
  25. And another one…
  26. I think Paisley is officially a meme.
  27. …I was so close to not even taking this photo.

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