PLast Friday, I posted this photo on one of my Instagram accounts, the one that I consider a hobby and even mention in the personal section of my resume.  It is an account of/for/embodying/worshipping my dog, an almost-4-year-old golden retriever named Paisley (@paisleythepuppy).

I created the account before I even brought her home from the breeder, as a medium to collect and share photos of the adorable new puppy for my mom to see from several states away.  It was early 2013, and Instagram was new.  At first, the account only had a small group of followers – my family members and close friends.  But slowly, the following expanded.

As Instagram’s popularity grew, so did Paisley’s; from time to time, one of the posts would gain particular popularity, but until last weekend the “likes” maxed out at about 750.  There would be shout-outs from some big dog accounts here and there (free treats once, and an appearance on People magazine’s website recently), but nothing too crazy.  The likes and follows would trickle in slowly each day (for reference, from July 2016 – February 2017, the account went from about 8,100 followers to 9,000).  By the time I took the photo above, @paisleythepuppy consisted of over 2,000 posts and 9,000 followers.

However, a few hours after I posted that photo to Instagram on Friday (and the likes starting coming in more rapidly than usual), I decided to post it to Imgur as well.  I had posted to Imgur a few times before, but nothing gained more than a few dozen up-votes.  This time was different…

In just 3 days Pais, garnered more than:

  • 700 new followers
  • 3000 likes on the original post
  • 80,000 views of that post

Social media, man!


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